30 Days Art Challenge : Flower Edition

This video introduces the Art/Drawing Challenge I’ll be doing for the next 30 days. For this challenge, I’ll be focusing mostly on flowers and plants. The prompt for the daily flowers is attached below as well.
I’ll be uploading my daily artworks on here in the challenge section, and the time-lapse videos will also be uploaded on my youtube channel every other day, so be sure to check those out.
Anyone can participate in this challenge, and it will definitely help you and I to develope better art habits. You can use the hashtags (#flowerchallenge, #dailydrawing2018 to share you artworks)

flower challenge prompt


The price of youth


Blood clots the size of a baby’s fist
stain the carpet, block the toilets
and color the bedsheets red.

the price of youth2

The room smells of old food or dead fish
as you lay curled like a fetus.
A glass of warm water is said to calm the womb
or a hot water bottle pressed against your stomach.
But it’s not until that cream white drop,
half the size of your thumb
slides down your naked thigh
and onto the marble floor,
that you are suddenly sure
your child is dead
and you’re free to go on living.

–  Written by Lethokuhle Msimang

ArtX presents Narcissism

‘You are right to be afraid’-Lethu

On the 9th of september, I was lucky enough to be one of the artists for the ArtX show organised by Blackgen in Beijing. After seeing the line up of the other artists, I knew immediately that I wanted to collaborate with Lethokuhle Msimang (Lethu), because I had seen some of her literary works and they were nothing short of breathtaking.

The collaboration focused on theme Narcissism and fear. Visit Lethumsimang.com/blog to see the full video.

My thoughts on Art Theft

Recently, I learnt that one of the known artists where I live does not produce any of his own artworks. He literally takes someone’s artwork, edits out there signature and adds his, then he posts it on social media. I’ve been thinking of letting people know about this publicly but decided to hold back till I really have to.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the video and the Vanessa Hudgens x MOSCHINO speed paint.